Universal Monsters 3.75" ReAction Retro Action Figure - Phantom

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Haunting the Paris Opera House, the disfigured Phantom, Erik, advances the career of the young singer Christine Daae, the object of the Phantom’s obsession. The Phantom delivers an ominous letter to the house’s prima donna, Carlotta, ordering the latter to concede the role of Marguerite to Christine in the opera house’s upcoming production of Faust. When Carlotta fails to so, the Phantom stages a grisly accident which seemingly validates the opera house’s status as a cursed house. Abducted by the Phantom and conveyed by underground gondola to the Phantom’s subterranean lair, Christine eventually breaks the single rule enforced by the Phantom and tears away the latter’s mask, revealing the ghastly likeness from which she initially recoils in unreasoning fright.