Horror 3.75" ReAction Retro Action Figure - Freddy Krueger

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Fred Kruger is arrested after taking an unspecified number of children to the boiler room of the condemned power plant where he utilizes his blade-fingered glove. He escapes conventional justice, however the parents of Elm Street organize a lynch mob and burn Freddy alive in the boiler room, disfiguring him with monstrous burn scars and inadvertently arranging an alliance between Freddy and his benefactors, the dream-demons. He taunts the Elm Street teenagers with ghastly nightmares before finally slaughtering them in the dream world and the real world simultaneously. He confronts his first real opposition in Nancy Thompson, who survives multiple confrontations with Freddy and returns from the dream world with Freddy’s hat in her possession, convincing Nancy that Freddy himself can be drawn into the real world and physically destroyed.