Friday The 13th 2013 SDCC Exclusive Jason Video Game Glow-In-The


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2013 SDCC Exclusive Friday The 13th Jason Video Game Glow-In-The-Dark Figure

The 1989 8-bit Friday the 13th has been rightly called one of the worst video games of all time, and like anything truly terrible worth its salt, has built a considerable cult following as a result.

We love Friday the 13th. New, old, original, sequels, Freddy vs. Jason, it doesn’t matter. And when it comes to saluting our cult heroes (or villains, as it were), we’re keen to embrace what most consider missteps along the way.

Hence Video Game Jason


Complete with glowing hands, feet, mask and weapons, the Video Game Jason Voorhees Action Figure brings new life to the horror icon’s appearance in that lost classic of lousy gaming, and it’s just the kind of cult item we love to bring with us to Comic-Con.

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