Cult Classics New Nightmare Freddy Krueger


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Description: Having been previously released, the 7” Hall of Fame Freddy will feature the New Nightmare movie script accessory and an alternate head sculpt. This is Freddy as he appeared in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. The idea here involved the character Freddy becoming a living entity, a symbolic incarnation of evil with the ability to enter the stream of reality. This version of Freddy is darker and more aggrandized. He’s gaunter and his eyes are a sickly red. There’s a more bilious color to his hat and shirt. He’s wearing a leather coat and combat boots. His glove is something closer to a biomechanical implant or a natural extension.

The premise is that, in the first Nightmare, Freddy was established as inviolate evil, but that subsequent interpretations diminished the archetype---causing the inspiration behind the original evil to physically manifest. There were indications that the New Nightmare Freddy killed both his creator Wes Craven and his actor counterpart Robert Englund, but he fixated on actress Heather Langenkamp, who played Nancy and defeated Freddy in the first and third Nightmares, because Freddy likens Heather to the Nancy character. Freddy wants to use Heather’s young son as a conduit to solidify his manifestation, and Heather is forced to become Nancy one last time in order to defeat Freddy in his own realm.

Attention: These items are older stock, may have some sticker residue on the outside of the package, small creasing ect. Figure is still sealed and in perfect condition. Email if you require condition specifics.


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