Cult Classics Hellraiser Pinhead

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Description: This 7” version of Pinhead will include a diorama that is connectable to the Cenobite Lair Playset. Also, Pinhead will come with an additional head depicting his human form, which was initially revealed after his squabble with the Channard Cenobite in Hellraiser II. The Pinhead figure is slender and drained of all pallor, heaped in elaborate leather trappings, peripherally armed with an array of curved blades and rusty hooks. Obviously, one of his more conspicuous features would be the whole boxful of thin silver nails jutting symmetrically from his entire head and face.

Pinhead seems to be the leader of the Cenobites summoned whenever anyone is stupid enough to play a game of Rubik’s Cube with the Lament Configuration. When this occurs, Pinhead and his cohorts are given reasonable reign beyond the confines of Hell, just as the victims themselves are sometimes drawn into Hell. Mostly, the Cenobites seem to be fixated with the slow torture of the prey, and since they, the Cenobites, regard torture in an exalted sense, maybe this is their idea of affability? Either way, later movies seemed to play at the struggle between Pinhead and his former human incarnation, Captain Spenser---the former wishing to destroy the latter.

Attention: These items are older stock, may have some sticker residue on the outside of the package, small creasing ect. Figure is still sealed and in perfect condition. Email if you require condition specifics.