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Description: Previously, this 7” version of Jason was only available as part of the Friday the 13th 25th Anniversary Box Set. This version will include Sackhead Jason with an alternate head, as well as pickaxe and accessories, a display base, and the head of Mrs. Voorhees. In the evolution of super-killer Jason Voorhees, Sackhead Jason was just a prototype version. He was lanky, clumsy, clad in overalls, plaid shirt and a large dirty sack mask with a single eye-hole. This version of Jason has a more scarecrow look to it.

Jason wouldn’t receive his defining incarnation until Part 3, at which point he was given the hockey mask and presented as a much stronger attacker. In Part 2, Jason was only just beginning to stray out of the woods. He’d ventured into civilization just long enough to ice pick Alice in revenge for Alice’s hand in the erroneous death of Mrs. Voorhees. Initially, Part 2 portrayed Jason as a more unseen killer, although, near the end of the film, he was more clearly revealed, flawed and awkward, as he stalked Ginny through the night-blackened woods. Ginny made her way to Jason’s ramshackle house, with the hope of discovering help, where she found the candlelit gore-strewn shrine dedicated to the remains of Mrs. Voorhees. Trying to trick Jason by throwing on Mrs. Voorhees’ sweater, Ginny ultimately managed to wound Jason with the same machete used to behead Mrs. Voorhees in the original film.

Attention: These items are older stock, may have some sticker residue on the outside of the package, small creasing ect. Figure is still sealed and in perfect condition. Email if you require condition specifics.